Preparing a competition task

You will prepare the competition tasks in SeeYou. There is a “simple” and an “advanced” way to setup the competition task in SeeYou Competition.

The simple way


  1. You know what task the pilots will fly.
  2. There is no need to plan for an alternative task on this day (Task B).
  3. You are using SeeYou Competition only on one computer.

If all above is true, you can simply go to Edit > Day Properties > Task, enter the desired turn-points, setup the desired “Observation zones” and click OK:

The advanced way to setup the competition task

You will want to work this way if your setup has these ingredients:

  1. Task setter is not the same person as the scorer.
  2. Need to prepare Task A and Task B (and sometimes C) for each class on most of the days.

In this case you will want to do this: 

  • Give Task setting permissions to the Task Setter (Soaring Spot > Edit Competition > Permissions 
  • Task Setter goes to File > Open Competition on his computer and prepares tasks for all classes by opening Edit > Competition Waypoints & Tasks
  • Task setter creates new tasks, adds deletes, and renames tasks just like in normal SeeYou except the only waypoints that are available are the ones from the competition. 
  • Everything he does is stored and available to everyone else to see with the right permissions
  • Scorer gets read-only permissions for Tasks. He can assign task to his class but can not change the designed task (until it’s assigned to a competition day)
  • Once the task for the class is fixed, scorer can assign it to a given competition day through Edit > Assign Task functionality and publishes this to Soaring Spot
  • At that moment the task becomes available to public,pilots and the devices which can read task information from Soaring Spot through the Soaring Spot API
Updated on April 20, 2021

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