Prevent club members to save settings

If you use an Oudie which is owned by a club you will know how difficult it is to keep the settings such as Navbox positions, pilot names, glider name intact. Many pilots change something, save settings and then forget to reverse them after the flight.

There is a solution to this. It is simple but effective.

Save NoSettingsSave.txt file in the 2577 folder on your Oudie. The content of the file is irrelevant, it just needs to be there with exactly that name. You can right-click >here< and choose “Save link as…”. Make sure that the name will be exactly NoSettingsSave.txt.


Run SeeYou Mobile and the user will not be able to save settings on this Oudie.

How to update airspace and other data

Of course a club administrator should still be able to update this Oudie. It is most important to regularly update airspace, airfield frequencies, Notams, weather forecasts etc.

If your Oudie is protected with the NoSettingsSave.txt file you can still update everything with Naviter Updater. Airspaces, Airfields, Notams and Weather data will be updated normally.

How to change default settings

If you need to change the default Navboxes layout, glider name etc you should

  1. Delete (or rename) NoSettingsSave.txt file from 2577 folder on this Oudie
  2. Run SeeYou Mobile and make all necessary changes
  3. Save settings on exit
  4. Copy NoSettingsSave.txt file back in the 2577 folder on the Oudie

NoSettingsSave.txt transforms your Oudie into a nice club device which pilots can share without fear to change the sensible default settings.

Updated on March 18, 2021

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