Publishing Results

Most often the results will be available on Soaring Spot. Pilots will use their phones, tablets and PCs to view the results and analyse other pilot’s flights.

Publishing to Soaring Spot

Publishing results to Soaring Spot is as easy as pressing Edit > Publish to Soaring Spot button (or the corresponding toolbar icon).

Printing daily results on paper

Alternatively results can also be printed and published on paper.

  1. Select a contest day
  2. File > Print

Printing overall results

To print overall results on paper you need to change the drop down box of the competition and select Pilot list instead of a contest day.

Page Setup and Print Preview

Go to File > Page Setup where you can setup how the page is printed. The General page is the same as  in SeeYou (seeyou.chm file must be available in the same folder as this Help file in order for this link to work).

Under the Contest tab, you can select which fields you want to print and in which order their columns will  be printed.

Updated on April 16, 2021

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