Pages, Compass Rose and Menu

The Page button rotates through four pages in turn:

  1. Compass rose
  2. Map Page 1
  3. Map Page 2
  4. Menu

A Long Press of the Page button takes you directly to the Menu screen.

The Compass rose displays your bearing, bearing to target, wind direction, last thermal and speed.

You can scroll the Compass Rose page vertically using the center two hardware buttons to access additional pages for GPS Page and Info Page.

Pressing the down arrow once will display GPS Status:

Pressing a second time will display Info page:

Flight recorder status

Sunrise / set times

Flight level


Height AGL

Battery status including the charge level remaining.

 The two Map pages are configured separately to display different zoom scales and Nav box information sets.

The Menu page accesses most of the unit configuration settings.

Updated on March 26, 2021

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