Sharing a task

How do I share a task with another Oudie?

Being able to share a task with your Oudie using friends is a really nice feature which is quick and easy to do even on the hill or at the airfield.

Note: To do this you will need a Micro SD card which is not shipped with the device and will need to be purchased separately.

Firstly, transfer the new task into the SD Card from the first Oudie.

Find this option via: Menu > Transfer > Settings to SD Card. 

Remove the SD card and place in the second Oudie.

Find this option via: Menu > Transfer > Settings from SD Card.

You will be given options for what to transfer, at this point you can copy all the configuration or just the task. Open the new task via: Menu > Task and the task will be loaded into both Oudie devices. Go fly!

Note: Remember to Save settings before powering off the device in order not to lose the task.

Updated on March 12, 2021

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