Statistics for a selected part of a flight

Often you will want to analyze the full statistics report for a custom part of the flight.

You can do that by manually selecting the part of the flight you are interested in. Here’s how:

1. Move the glider to the point where you would like the selection to begin. You can do this in Map or Graph view.
2.  Right-click  and choose “Set 1st marker”
3. Move the glider to the end point of what you are interested in 
4.  Right-click  and choose “Set 2nd marker”

This way  the selection is made. You can now go to Statistics > Selection and see all the statistics you are used to for the selected part of the flight:

Keyboard shortcuts:
Move glider to the point where the interesting part begins. Press and Hold Shift key. At the same time press the Right cursor. A red dot starts moving along the track. That’s the end of the selection. Hold the Right cursor key until the red dot is at the end of what you would like to analyze.

Multiple flights
When you want to analyze custom parts of several flights you can make a selection on each of the flights to compare the stats.

Updated on March 11, 2021

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