Swipe gestures

By default SeeYou Navigator ships with the usual Pinch & Zoom screen setup. Use two fingers to zoom in & out. Slide your finger across the screen to pan the map. Just like vast majority of apps in this world. When you slide your finger acress the screen, Navigator goes to Pan mode. Navboxes are hidden and a re-center button is displayed on the screen:

Note however that this is far from ideal for use in cockpit. The cockpit is shaking which makes it only possible to use one finger with very limited accuracy.

We therefore suggest that you turn on Menu > Settings > Map & Layers > Swipe Gestures

This changes how map behaves in two ways:
1. Slide finger up / down to change zoom on the map
2. Press and hold anywhere on the map to enter Pan mode. Press the re-center button to return to the glider’s position.

Once you use it in flight, you will never want to go back again.

Updated on February 10, 2022

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