Sync Waypoints and Tasks with Oudie, Hyper or Blade

How to get a task you just planned from SeeYou.Cloud to Oudie/Hyper/Blade? Easy!?

SeeYou.Cloud and Naviter Updater have received an upgrade that will make your life as a pilot much easier:

1. Plan a task in SeeYou.Cloud

2. Connect your Oudie / Hyper / Blade to a PC or Mac with Naviter Updater 

3. Wait a few seconds until sync ends 
Note: The first time after doing this you need to select your file in Menu > Settings > Files > Waypoints > … > choose your file. You only have to do this once.

4. Done! All of your tasks and waypoints have been synced to your Oudie, Hyper or Blade!

When you add new waypoints or tasks in SeeYou, just connect your Oudie to a PC running Naviter Updater and they will sync automatically each time. Turn it on and fly. So easy!

Note: In an endless journey towards excellence, this is a small step that will however have big consequences on the time you spent enjoying your flight preparations. Make sure you try how this works now. You might just love it right from the bat ?

Updated on April 19, 2021

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