Sync Waypoints & Tasks

You need to have some waypoint and tasks in your SeeYou Cloud account.

How to transfer a task you just planned in SeeYou.Cloud to your Oudie / Hyper / Blade? Easy!

1. Plan a task in SeeYou Cloud

2. Connect your Oudie / Hyper / Blade to a PC or Mac with Naviter Updater

3. Press “Update” next to Waypoints and Tasks in Naviter Updater

First time after you do this you need to select your Waypoints and Tasks file on Oudie. Go to Menu > Settings > Files > Waypoints > … > choose your file. You only have to do this once.

Done! Next time you plan a new task in SeeYou Cloud, just press the Update button in Naviter Updater and you’re done. All of your tasks and waypoints from SeeYou Cloud will have been synced to your Oudie, Hyper or Blade.

Turn it on and fly. So easy!

Photo by: Luka Fabčič

Did you know that you can also do this with LX 80xx-90xx already? Connect your SeeYou account with LX Connect.

Updated on April 19, 2021

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