Testing Soaring Spot and SeeYou Competition

When you want to prepare for the competition you should use the testing environment for this.

There is a test version of Soaring Spot at


and you can open the Test competitions at Soaring Spot by checking the “Test Soating Spot” in the upper right corner of the Login screen:

If you have previously logged in to the live Soaring Spot site then SeeYou will automatically log you in to the live system and give you a selection of your competitions. In this case you need to press “Log out” from the Welcome to Soaring Spot dialog to be able to login to the test site.

There are two limitations on the Test site in order to keep it simple and effective:

a) all uploaded files (such as IGC files) are ignored

b) you always receive the same file for download (for example IGC file on the test Soaring Spot website)

Other than that everything works exactly the same as on Soaring Spot including the API. 

Note: It is also possible to test and use the Public API on the test site. The only difference is that the URL for the test site is 


(note the added “.test” in the URL)

Except we may also be testing new features on the test website which means that possibly more features are available there as on the official Soaring Spot website :)

Updated on April 16, 2021

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