Touch Screen Function

How does the screen work?

The resistive screen is designed for touch input.

Oudie is supplied with a stylus, however it is designed to be primarily used with fingers and gloves; the touchscreen is resistive and buttons are large which makes it easy to operate in the air without the stylus.

Tap on the screen

Tapping on screen, functions like the left mouse click in desktop Windows.

Tap on-screen buttons to input or to navigate through menus for example.

Tapping a waypoint on the map presents a list of Airspaces and Waypoints. Waypoints are sorted by distance from the location tapped.

This offers a quick way to select a waypoint from a group of waypoints. 

You can also tap on the map to get directly to certain menu items such as: Goto and Airspace.

Tap and hold on an element

Tap and hold functions like the right mouse click in Windows.

Tap and Hold is normally used to perform special tasks on the map. An example is moving Navboxes or accessing Flight parameters by tapping and holding the Glideslope indicator. Similar use is assigned to tapping and holding the Wind and North indicators.

The following on-screen symbols give additional dialogue options with press and hold:

NavboxesTap and hold allows them to be moved.
Speed to flyTap and hold accesses the Flight parameters.
Wind arrowWind.
North arrowMap Orientation.

The hold duration should be > 1 second.

Note: Oudie is not designed to accept commands via swiping or drawing letters/symbols on screen.


Updated on March 26, 2021
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