Turning On/Off

How do I turn the Oudie On and Off?

To turn Oudie On: press the power button for 1 second, then press the confirm button within five seconds. 

To turn Oudie Off: use the menu function. 

Find this option via: Menu > Exit > Yes. 

Turning off the device this way will automatically save changes to the active profile.

Once Oudie software is turned off (and you see a screen showing two icons ‘Oudie’ and ‘ConnectMe’), press the power button for 1 second while the device is running then choose the desired action: 

Power Off: will stop the navigation and turn off the device. You should do this before long term storage.

Note: Battery should be at least 50% full before you store it for a long time.

Sleep: will turn off the screen, GPS, Bluetooth and power down the processor. This option gives a quicker start up time, Navigation will be put on hold and the battery will only drain very slightly. You should use the Sleep function when you are waiting to launch and want to conserve the battery for example. It’s ok to use Sleep over night as battery drain is negligible.

Note: If turning off the unit via the power button, any setting changes first need to be saved before turning off the device. This option is found via: Menu > Next > Save settings > Yes. There is no dialogue box for unsaved changes they are simply lost.

Updated on March 19, 2021

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