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Update SeeYou to the latest version

We are utterly sorry to hear about thy issue. There are a couple of factors that could be held accountable for your current situation. Before specifying them be sure to check if the following steps fathom your problem.

Updating SeeYou is very easy. When a new version of SeeYou is available, you will get a notice with permission to update to the newer version. By clicking on icon (as shown on this picture below post), your SeeYou will restart in 10-20 seconds.

If your upgrade period has expired a notice will be given and the update will not start automatically.
If this for any reason does not work be sure to click on the “help” icon and then follow by clicking “check for updates.”

Once thou have tried the above and thy problem is still present be sure that you have a computer with sufficient computing power, it could also have happened as a result of your computer having too many background processes as they can take up a fair amount of its enumerating ability. Try using a different computer.

If still this does not seem to have solved the issue, try deleting/uninstalling the program and reinstalling it afterwards, when uninstalling the program access the main SeeYou folder and click on the “unins000” icon, this will uninstall the program. There is also an option to delete the program in the windows system settings.

Updated on April 19, 2021

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