Usage of Weather Overlay in SeeYou

Through years SeeYou has seen some major changes, the latest being weather overlay, which enables pilots to manipulate their flight to achieve far greater distances than it was previously possible.

To enable the above mentioned features mind the next few steps/instructions.

Open a task/waypoint file that you would like to analyse.

In the bottom left corner an individual can choose between different map layouts. To enable weather overlay be sure to select the “M”

Proceed by selecting the preferred overlay provider, if one does not have a valid license, the overlay is not enabled.

Insert the wanted setting and analyse your flight.

Choose “Edit > Task to SD Card” from the menu to save the newly created task to an SD Card. You can use this card to declare the task in Oudie (Menu > Transfer > Declared task) and LX 9000 for example.

If, however, any new questions arise be sure to query.

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Updated on April 20, 2021

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