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Using desktops to view more parameters at once

Using desktops will significantly improve the way you can view single or multiple flights. There are some  built-in desktops while others are freely configurable. Give it some thought about what you want to see to really enjoy your setup. 

  1. Open a flight or multiple flights.
  2. Select Window > New Window.
  3. Repeat this procedure, until you get the desired number of windows.
  4. Resize the windows to fit your screen as you wish.
  5. Choose content for each window (Route, 3D, Graph, Statistics).
  6. Choose color scheme for each window (Altitude, Vario, Gps status, Multiple flights…).
  7. You can choose from Route, Barogram, Variogram and other graphs and Statistics. You can also  have more windows showing the same thing, only differently – two Route windows, one with 300km, the other with 5km zoom, one with altitude and one with Vario color scheme, one with multiple and three with single flights… 
  8. Save this layout through Window > Desktops > Save desktop… command.

Next time you start SeeYou:

  1. Open any other flight(s).
  2. Choose Window > Desktops > Your Desktop.
  3. You have other flights in the same window layout as before.

Here are some examples of different desktops:

Updated on March 11, 2021

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