Using the Graph window

In the Graph window six graphs are possible. Choosing a color scheme enables you to view additional  data on one graph. 

Select View > Graph from the main menu or use the  icon from the Flight toolbar to change view  to Graph window. Switch between graphs by pressing the  again.

Graphs featured in SeeYou:

  • Altitude,
  • GPS Altitude,
  • Vertical speed,
  • Task speed,
  • Ground speed,
  • Fix accuracy,
  • Engine Noise Level (ENL).

You can control the appearance and behavior of the graph by:

  • setting the color scheme for the graph,
  • setting the zoom,
  • enabling the Legend,
  • enabling Flight parameters,
  • using Mouse right click.

Example of a Graph window in Baroram view and with Ground speed color scheme. Flight parameters,  Legend and mouse right-key menu are visible:

Updated on March 11, 2021

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