View multiple flights in one window

Viewing flights is by no means limited to viewing a single flight. Simultaneously you may load as many flights as you wish and then compare the routes different pilots took on a given day. More and more competition organizers are publishing tracks on their websites. There is no better way to learn than to compare your flights to the flights of the other competitors. 

Once you have the flights you need, you may use one of the methods to open them simultaneously.

  • Drag and drop several flight files from Windows Explorer to the SeeYou window
  • Use the File > Open  dialog, select several flight files and click open
  • Add flights to existing flights in a Flight window through Edit > Add Flight 

Once you have them open you may assign the same task to everyone through Edit > Assign Task dialog. You will need to have created a Task everyone was flying beforehand. The one thing you will want to do with the open flights is to animate the flight tracks. By simply pressing the Play button you will get a real-time replay of what was going on in the air. There is however more to the story. You may also create a maggot race where everyone starts at the same time and do some other interesting comparisons this way. Please read more about Animating flights in the Getting started chapter of this manual. 

Consider also using Panels to have lots more information available at a single glance.

Updated on March 11, 2021

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