Waypoint and Task Collections

Collections are groups of waypoints and tasks, typically representing a CUP Waypoint file. They’re typically complete set of waypoints and tasks that you prepare for your use at your home site, in soaring vacation, or a competition.

To access Waypoint & Task Collections, go to Menu > XC Planner.

New account

On a new SeeYou account, one collection is enabled by default. It’s called “My Waypoints & Tasks”. You don’t get to notice it a lot, but it is always there. If you don’t have other Waypoint & Task Collections, any new Task that you create in the SeeYou Cloud will be stored in “My Waypoints & Tasks” collection.

If your account does’t have custom Collections, selecting Menu > XC Planner will show your list of tasks immediately. You don’t get to choose your collection, since you only have one.

Add a new Collection

More Advanced pilots will want to separate planned tasks into Collections. That way you can have one for your home site, one for records, one for your soaring holiday destination and competitions.

There is no limit to how many Collections you can have.

Import a CUP file

To import a CUP file to your SeeYou Cloud account, go to Menu > Upload. You can drag and drop or choose a file from your file storage. A new Collection will be created.

By default, the new collection will be named the same as the imported file. You can change the name later by pressing “…” next to the Collection name. Choose “Rename” and give it a new name.

Create an empty collection

You can add a blank collection to SeeYou Cloud. Go to XC Planner and choose “Add Collection” in the menu on the left. Design Routes, plan records from an empty map.

Download a Collection

There is a “…” menu next to the Collection name at the top of the Tasks / Waypoints list. This way you can download your collection as a CUP file.

Sync Collection with your navigation device

Oudie N & SeeYou Naviator

Collections in SeeYou Cloud are automatically synced with Oudie N or SeeYou Navigator app. Plan a task or edit waypoints in SeeYou Cloud, run SeeYou Navigator, and everything is synced seamlessly.

Oudie, Hyper or Blade

You can sync collections to your Oudie, Hyper or Blade by using Naviter Updater. One press of a button and CUP files are loaded to your Oudie, Hyper or Blade from your Windows or Mac PC. No need to copy any files manually.

LXNAV 8xxx-9xxx

Link your LXNAV product to SeeYou Cloud with LXNAV Connect. Once you’ve done that, your SeeYou Cloud collections will sync to CUP files on your LXNAV 8000-9000 flight computer seamlessly.

Your LXNAV product must be able to connect to the internet for this to work. A recent hardware version of LXNAV flight computer is required for that.

Delete a Collection

To delete a Collection open the “…” menu next to the Collection name at the top of the Tasks / Waypoints list > Delete.

Updated on November 20, 2023

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