Weather layers

Turn Live weather layers on to see what the weather is ahead and to plan your flight safely.

Note: To integrate weather forecasts and Live Satellite images from TopMeteo or SkySight you need an active subscription from them. This subscription is not part of the SeeYou Subscription. It needs to be purchased separately from them.

Rain Radar 

Rain Radar layer displays current percipitation obtained from weather radars. It is updated every 15 minutes. Blue color represents light rain, red is heavy rain.

Live Satellite image

Requires TopMeteo or SkySight integration. The Satellite layer can then be overlaid with the Rain radar layer for an image that looks like this

Forecasted Convergence line 

data comes from SkySight. The overlay shows red/violet colors where the convergence forecast is strongest

Forecasted Wave 

Layer data comes from both, SkySight and TopMeteo weather providers. The overlay shows red / purple colors where the wave is predicted to be the strongest.

Forecasted Wind 

Layer is available from both TopMeteo and SkySight integrations. It automatically displays the current forecasted wind for your location, altitude, and time.

Updated on November 17, 2022

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