When will you support function X?

Honestly – we don’t know.

We do a lot of listening while talking and replying to customer’s questions and suggestions. We use powerful development tools which help teams work together efficiently (things like Jira, agile boards, comprehensive support platform and the like). We store and track all bugs and ideas through these tools. We break them up into solvable tasks for each of our development team members. We prioritize the development strategically and also do short-term planning for the development. Sometimes the tasks which seem trivial take forever to implement and release. Another time an idea is implemented instantaneously.

And often we change our minds 🙂 

So the answer is – talk to us, we will record your wishes but will not promise to implement them at a given date. When it’s done we will typically tell you that it’s done and give you a link to a version with the new feature.

Keep your wishes coming our way!

Updated on March 11, 2021

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