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Working with SeeYou Mobile / SeeYou Mobile Wizard

Mobile Wizard connects SeeYou with SeeYou mobile to send files to the Pocket PC. Mobile wizard never expires. That means you don’t have to have a registered version of SeeYou to transfer all of the required data to the Pocket PC. 

  1. Connect your Pocket PC to PC through Active Sync
  2. Run SeeYou 
  3. Go to File > Mobile Wizard.

First page allows you to select the Items you wish to transfer to the device. You can choose from:

  • Terrain (isolines)
  • Terrain elevations (for AGL reading)
  • Roads, Railroads, Rivers, Lakes and Towns
  • Waypoints and tasks
  • Airspace 
  • Settings (Vector map color scheme, units, triangle properties, default observation zones). 

Second page gives you the possibility to select base name and destination for the data you have  selected to upload on the first page:

  • Files that are created on the Pocket PC (or disk) will have the same name as Base name and respective extensions CUB for airspace, CIT for vector maps and CUP for waypoints and tasks. 
  • Destination can be either Oudie, a folder in “My Computer” or a device connected through Active Sync. Choose what you need with the radio buttons.

Third page asks you to draw a rectangle for the area you want to transfer to the Pocket PC. Use Ctrl+Up, Ctrl+Down to zoom out and zoom in. Click on the the borders of the map to move horizontally and vertically. This is the same procedure as in the other Map views in SeeYou.Note that if the maps for this area have not been downloaded yet you will be prompted to download the  maps before proceeding. Fourth page shows progress in transferring or saving files.Once the transfer has completed successfully, you may close Mobile wizard with the Finish button.If you get a connection error, first check whether or not SeeYou Mobile was closed on the Pocket PC. It is  important to understand the difference between the “X” button in Pocket PC and “X” button in desktop Windows. The “X” on Pocket PC works more like “minimize” in Windows. To really quit SeeYou Mobile you need to go to Menu > Next > “Exit”. You know SeeYou Mobile is not running when it is not listed under Start > Settings > System > Memory  > Running programs. If it’s there, stop it. Then you will be able to communicate with SeeYou Mobile through Mobile Wizard.

Updated on March 11, 2021

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