Connettersi a Internet

Come si usa Oudie Live per connettersi a Internet?

Android is becoming ever more secure and protected. Due to technical reasons, the Oudie Live app is not available on GooglePlay anymore and its development has been stopped. The functionality it used to provide for old Oudie devices is being replaced by the SeeYou Navigator app, which is guaranteed to remain at the cutting edge of technology for a number of years in the future.

To connect your Oudie to the Android smartphone you need to install the free app Oudie Live from here:

It is possible to connect any Oudie 2/3/4/5/IGC to the internet with the app linked above.

This is achieved by using an Android smartphone running SeeYou Mobile software. The Oudie connects to the phone through Bluetooth, the phone then connects to the internet by any means available to the phone – typically Wifi or Data plan. 

Abbiamo creato un video tutorial che mostra come accoppiare e collegare il tuo Oudie con il tuo telefono:

Voilà. Il tuo Oudie è ora pronto per accedere a internet attraverso il tuo telefono.

When configured Oudie Live will also sync your flight data with SeeYou Cloud, update contest information from Soaring Spot and transmit your location to Open Glider Network and show you other people flying.

Aggiornato il Luglio 18, 2022

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