How do I change the look of the Symbols?

You can configure your visual presentation preferences for the following symbols:

  • Statek powietrzny 
  • Wiatr
  • Orientation 
  • Final glide* 
  • Scale
  • Task button 
  • Speed to Fly*
  • Vario

* Speed to fly and Final Glide symbols will not display in Basic Version. 

Znajdź tę opcję poprzez: Menu > Ustawienia > Symbole. 

Visible propertyShows or hides a specific symbol. 
Fill propertySets the transparency from 0-100%. 
Reset position przyciskWill bring the selected button back to its default position on the screen. 
Size slider Selects the size of each symbol.
Type Lets you choose from various display options for each symbol.
Legend option Available only for Vario symbol and chooses between two possible styles of Vario display. 
Outline Displays a contrasting outline around the symbol. 
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